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Art Restoration Immersion in Florence

Get a true insider understanding of the intricate art restoration techniques behind Florence's masterpieces.

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About This Experience

Florence is home to the Renaissance and overflows with amazing artworks. But have you ever thought about what goes on behind the museum galleries to maintain, conserve, and restore these important works of art? Step inside Palazzo Ridolfi, home to one of Florence's top institutes for art and restoration which has even restored works for the famous Uffizi Gallery. Here, you'll visit the studios within a historic, 15th century "palazzo" to learn about the restoration techniques, with the possibility to see students restoring paintings, frescoes, and/or works on paper from centuries ago. Next, you'll get hands-on to learn how to paint using the traditional "graffito" technique in a two-hour workshop. You can see this technique used on many of the buildings throughout Florence, including Palazzo Ridolfi. Learning this technique will help you truly appreciate and understand the skill that goes into the famous works of art you'll see around Florence!

Local Experience

Central Italy


3 Hours

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  • Access Florence's top art restoration institution and learn the techniques used to preserve Italy's most famous artworks.

  • See students actively applying their art restoration and preservation training on ancient artworks.

  • Get hands-on experience with a 2 hour workshop to create an artwork using a historic technique.



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