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Vatican Museums with an Expert

Be expertly guided through the vast collections of art and walk the halls of the holiest place on Earth.

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About This Experience

The Vatican Museums contain approximately 70,000 works of art amassed by the Catholic church. “Only” 20,000 are on display, and your expert guide knows the ins and outs of the most beautiful and important artworks and how to reach the lesser-known gems. The guide will adjust your visit based on your interests, energy level, and number of people at the Vatican that day. After wandering by incredible marble statues, famous Renaissance paintings, halls lined with ancient hand painted maps, and more, you’ll reach the highlight of your visit: the Sistene Chapel. Turn your gaze to the ceiling to admire Michelangelo’s work of genius. Thanks to the knowledge and passion of your guide, you’ll leave with an understanding of the Vatican’s most important works as well as the history and power of the Catholic church throughout the ages.

Local Experience

Central Italy


3 Hours

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  • Be expertly guided through the best of over 20,000 works of art.

  • Admire Michaelangelo's masterpiece in the Sistine Chapel and understand the stories behind it.

  • Be amazed by the history of the Vatican and its impact.



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