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Cultural immersion trips for the most authentic, local experience in Italy.


Creative Edge Travel is about slowing down to connect with what makes Italy Italy. Our exclusive, curated trips for 7 travelers highlight immersive activities in a way that allows for deep, meaningful connection with the local perspective. Always inspired to think beyond just seeing pretty places, we add our own creative edge for an off-the-map adventure that brings you in touch with everyday life in Italy. Get ready to #DiscoverAuthentic! 

"We don't just plan trips, we design special moments around people."

Upcoming Trips

Inside Tuscany: Everyday Life in Italy

May 12 - 21, 2018

June 2 - 11, 2018

Sleep in the middle of a vineyard, savor homemade slow-food, experience a private opera performance, relax in natural hot springs....Welcome to Inside Tuscany

How We DO It

We create experiences around the passions of our local friends and add our own creative edge to assure it’s something meaningful and special.

The most unique, authentic Experiences in Italy

why we do it

We believe that more authentic cultural connection leads to more meaningful and impactful travel experiences.

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