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Guide for the Solo Woman in Italy

Eat Authentic, Shop Local, Travel Off the Beaten Path

Leave the tourist crowds behind & uncover the local experience. Get the tools & strategies you need to finally take the leap & travel solo in Italy – safely, confidently & with an Italy expert in your back pocket!


…but your fears keep you from actually planning the trip?


You’re a unique breed of traveler. You don’t just want a whirlwind trip in Europe.


You want to slow down and immerse yourself in Italy’s dolce vita.


You want to know local characters by name and be welcomed at their dinner tables.

BUT THE THOUGHT OF TRAVELING ALONE TO A FOREIGN COUNTRY IS OVERWHELMING. Along with your daydream come visions of getting lost, not being able to communicate, and ending up stranded– or worse. 

Maybe you doubt your ability to make friends with locals and safely travel away from the crowds...

Everyone’s roadblocks are different, but the results are usually the same–another calling that never gets answered.

How many times have you stopped yourself in your tracks before you even got started? I know your story…it’s the same for most women, you’re definitely not alone.


But the truth is–it’s deeper than your fear of taking a bus in a foreign country or asking for three weeks off work. It’s the fear of going against the grain to take a giant leap and believe in yourself.


Solo travel is a powerful catalyst.

It shows us who we really are.

It reveals our strengths.

It teaches us about our purpose.


Solo travel is how we reconnect with who we are, away from a society that would rather tell us who we should be.


The leap is large, so if you struggle with finding the courage to take it, know that every solo woman traveler has been there. 


But knowing who you are–and learning to prioritize that–is the most important thing you can do for your life.




Guide for the Solo Woman in Italy

Eat Authentic, Shop Local, Travel Off the Beaten Path

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The most comprehensive e-book to learn the skills, strategies, and tools you need to finally take the leap and travel solo in Italy–safely, confidently, and with an Italy expert in your back pocket!

Break down your barriers, feel confident and safe, and plan your solo adventure once and for all!

The local experience is at your fingertips...


It all happens inside The Ultimate Guide for the Solo Woman in Italy.


"This book leaves you wondering about NOTHING regarding how to plan and navigate your solo trip to Italy - except dreaming about all the fun you're going to have! Sierra is gifting us every piece of information that she's collected along her road of passion for and learning about Italy. Thank You, Sierra!"

-Jana Castelli, New Jersey

After reading this e-book, you’ll know how to:

Shift your mindset so that you can finally break down the barriers keeping you from taking the leap.

Use trains and buses so you can explore anywhere you feel called.

Prepare and strategize to stay safe so that you'll feel confident any time, any place.

Plan your trip like a pro and master logistics for stress-free travel.

Approach locals and get inside the culture for a truly immersive experience.

​Overcome loneliness, fall in love with dining alone, and relish spending quality time with yourself.

....and so much more!


"I just finished The ULTIMATE Guide for the Solo Woman in Italy and I am blown away!


The information is so concrete and so helpful. I now have the exact steps that I need to plan

I cannot tell you how excited I am that I found this guide! There are tips and tricks in here I NEVER would have known if I hadn’t read this book.


If you are interested at all in solo travel in Italy, you 110% have to get this book! You will be so thankful that you did!"

-Stephanie Chastain, Pennsylvania

How is this e-book different from other solo travel guides?

Glad you asked!

  • It helps you shift your mindset to break down the barriers holding you back.

  • It gives you creative journal prompts to help you capture the details of your journey.

  • It reveals the secret strategies I use every day as a professional travel designer to find unique, hidden destinations and connect with the local culture, whether you speak Italian or not!

  • It covers “taboo” topics like romantic adventures in Italy and women’s health on the road.

  • It features advice from the LGBTQ, POC, and Disability communities.

  • It highlights the local dishes to try and handicrafts to buy in each region so you can eat, shop, and feel like a local.

  • It guides you through making sustainable travel decisions so that you can feel good about leaving a positive impact.

Piazza Pretoria


How would it feel to finally board that plane with a life-changing journey in Italy ahead of you?

Imagine lingering over every bite of a homemade meal shared with new Italian friends.

Imagine feeling so inspired by every charming street, every "Buongiorno" rolling off the tongue, and each creamy gelato.

You’ll swap life's constant pressure for the freedom to reconnect with who you really are and what you really want.


You’ll learn to trust yourself and come back with the knowledge that you are strong and capable of anything.


...and you just might start making more decisions to cultivate the inspired life you want to live everyday, not just on vacation.

Imagine if you could confidently travel Italy on your own, without the fear, overwhelm, or worry!

Take a sneak peek inside...



My quick brain hack to remove roadblocks and clear your own path!

My straightforward method to easily build a budget.

My favorite hack to save money while traveling (without missing out).

Travel insurance without the headache; why you need it, what kind to get, and how to get it!

My savvy guide for safer, post-pandemic travel.

The ONE flight-booking tip that saved me $300 and HOURS of research.

My exact step-by-step process to choose accommodations without the overwhelm.

My favorite little travel hacks for saving money on accommodations–or getting them FREE! (Yes, I’ve done it!)

My 8 MUST-HAVE items to make travel easier.

The one-liners I use to get rid of insistent men I’m not interested in.

Taboo topics no one talks about–getting romantic, how to stay safe, and women's health on the road.

The 7 key mindset hacks to overcome loneliness.

Advice from the LGBTQ, POC, and Disability communities.



​The REAL hidden secrets to break through the tourist traps to access authentic Italy & connect with locals.

The best tool to find the most authentic restaurants (you won’t find these in top 10 lists)!

The Italian phrases you’ll need on hand for all travel situations.

The one tip that helped me find my favorite villages ever...

Great conversation starters that make approaching locals easy.

The simple tips you need to dine alone and love every second of it! 

How to order like an Italian for a truly authentic meal & the local dishes you CAN’T MISS in each region.

The unspoken rules that keep you from looking like a tourist & the delicious coffee menu only locals know.

The local products to pick up in each region, how to get them home safely, and scams to look out for.

Journal & activity pages to capture the details of your experience.

Tips to minimize your carbon footprint and maximize your positive impact as you travel.

...and that's just the start!

Bonus Pack


Safety Checklist

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Dating Safety Checklist

Accommodation Safety Checklist mockup.pn

Accommodation Safety Checklist

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Packing Checklist

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Trip Planning Step-by-Step


4 Bonus Guides Included FREE!


10 Easy Ways to Save for Travel

I join forces with amazing money coach extraordinaire, Ashley Feinstein Gerstely, to bring you easy strategies to squirrel away those pennies and align your spending actions with your travel goals! This will be just the boost you need to jumpstart your saving habits.

Value $37   FREE







How to Use Trains + Buses in Italy

Value $37   FREE


I break down the step-by-step process of navigating bus and train stations to buy your ticket, find your platform, get off at the right stop, and what to do if you get off at the wrong stop. You'll feel like I’m right there cheering you on. With this in your back pocket, you can go anywhere!

mock07 (1).png

How to Connect With Locals Anywhere You Go

I share the detailed methods I use for approaching locals and turning strangers into new friends. Don’t even think about skipping this–these are the secrets that turn basic Italy trips into unexpected, spontaneous adventures with loving and quirky characters who invite you into their culture!

Value $37   FREE





Regional Dishes to Try in Italy

Never get tricked into a bad, touristy meal! With this Guide, you'll know what to order in each region for an authentic meal you won't forget!

Value $37   FREE




...and access to my Facebook Group!

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Get access to my Authentic Travel Italy Facebook Group where I'll be actively engaging with the group, answering questions and helping people plan their trips. You’ll be able connect with other immersion-seekers like yourself, see where others are planning to go, ask for recommendations and tips, and get inspired by the Italian experiences shared in the group.

What are you waiting for?

Get The Ultimate Guide for the Solo Woman in Italy, PLUS 4 Bonus Guides now!


Ready to jumpstart your solo journey?


The Ultimate Guide for the Solo Woman in Italy

BONUS: 10 Easy Ways to Save for Travel

BONUS: How to Use Trains + Buses in Italy

BONUS: How to Connect with Locals

BONUS: Regional Dishes to Try in Italy

Free Done-For-You Flight Research

Safety Checklist

Packing Checklist

Journal Prompts & more

Trip Planning Step-by-Step

Authentic Travel Italy Facebook Community

Tools & Resources Library

The total value of all this is over $650. That’s the average price my private clients pay to have access to my in-depth knowledge, resources, and recommendations as an Italy Expert. 

If all this e-book did was tell you how to plan your dream solo trip from start to finish, would it be worth it?


If all it did was inspire you to conquer your roadblocks, would it be worth it?

If ALL it did was teach how to connect with locals and design a more meaningful trip, would it be worth it?


What if it did all 3 and more? ...Well, it does!

I’m not going to charge you $650 like most of my private clients pay. I’m only going to charge you $19.95.


Why? Because I believe the world needs more women going after what they want, and taking a solo journey is the best way to light that fire.