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Step into Italy as if you're a local...

Creative & Cultural


Slow Travel

in Hidden Italy



Learn about the culture with creative, hands-on workshops with


Plenty of time for exploring on your own and soaking in the details without the rush.

We take care of every detail so you can just relax and soak up the experience!

Do you hate feeling like a tourist?

Are you tired of standing in hot crowds?

Do you wish you could connect with locals?

Are you tired of getting ripped off?

Are you frustrated by cookie cutter tours that don't get you out to the countryside?

Don’t settle for a manufactured taste of the real thing. 

5 - 7 people per trip  •  Off-the-beaten-Path Italy  •  Meaningful Connection with Locals  •  Stress-free Travel

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"It was obvious throughout the entire trip what great amounts of experience, knowledge and effort have been put into Creative Edge Travel. We were able to experience true Italy in a way that would not have been possible without Sierra and her amazing team of contacts." -Hannah Woodruff, Australia

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Secrets of southern Italy


"We don't just plan trips, we design special moments around people."


Creative Edge Travel is about slowing down to connect with what makes Italy Italy— its people. We know from experience that what you'll remember most are the interesting locals you meet on your adventure. That's why we couple unique activities with opportunities to connect with locals in a meaningful way. We go beyond the typical tourist sites to off-the-beaten-path villages and farms where our friends and artisans are waiting to share their way of life with you! 

We create experiences around the passions of our local friends and add our own creative edge to assure it’s something meaningful and special.

The most unique, authentic Experiences in Italy

We believe that more authentic cultural connection leads to more meaningful and impactful travel experiences.

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  • Fully-planned small group trips

  • Consultations to refine your self-planned itinerary

  • Custom itineraries 

  • Activity planning for your event

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