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Erin Halper, Custom trip to Sicily + Puglia

I cannot say enough about our memorable vacation planned by Creative Edge Travel! Through the thoughtful curation of Sierra, we were immersed into the beautiful world of Italian culture, including breakfast with a local artist, dinner at an ancient olive grove, cooking homemade pasta with a new friend at a gorgeous farmhouse and, best of all, making new friends in a foreign country. We could never in a million years planned something like this on our own. It would have been impossible. Her wealth of connections to locals in Italy is truly remarkable. It seems as though everyone in Italy knows her and loves her! Just mention her name to a local and they light up, "Oh Sierra! She is wonderful!!" A true gem. In addition to creating the immersive trip of our dreams, Sierra is a joy to work with and made the whole experience seamless. We had a 10-day trip planned and literally not one thing went wrong. She is a true professional. Creative Edge is the hidden treasure to plan an Italian trip full of hidden treasures. We can't wait for Sierra to plan our next trip!

-Erin Halper, Custom Trip in Sicily + Puglia


"Working with Creative Edge Travel was truly wonderful experience from planning all the way through actually traveling! The trip that Sierra put together for us was perfect for our travel style. It was an unbelievably authentic experience throughout, and we enjoyed getting to feel at home with locals half a world away from our own homes. I wish we could use this service for all of our travel planning needs beyond just Italy!"


My Creative Edge trip was like no other. Small group travel is the way to go! No huge buses! Just unique experiences that you would never get in a large travel group. It felt like a friend was showing me around to her local friends places. Was the best trip I have ever done!!


-Robin Paulus, California

Secrets of Southern Italy + Mysteries of Matera


I was lucky enough to take part in Sierra's Secrets of Southern Italy tour. It was a magical experience from start to finish. She is an expert planner and things flowed perfectly from beginning to end. This was true even when we experienced inclement weather. She always had backup plans. The professional driver was a great touch and made things so easy. There is no better way to have an authentic experience and to enjoy the wonderful food and people of Puglia than by joining Sierra on one of her amazing tours. A+++


-David Yaugo, Secrets of Southern Italy


-Chrissy Mattucci, Custom trip in Tuscany


We experienced the most amazing time and trip through Italy with our tour guide, Sierra. Talking to the Italians and hearing their life stories as they shared their strong love for their city and their country. Matera is the third oldest city in the world and to hear the history of their beginning to now as the generations of the families share their knowledge and their personal experience. I can go on and on. It was an exceptional trip to Italy where we became immersed with the local people who shared so much of their heritage with us besides seeing the cities' historical landmarks. If you want to see Italy in a deeper and personal way, along with the landmarks, I highly recommend you booking Creative Edge Travel with Sierra as your guide.


-Marty Darling, Secrets of Southern Italy + Mysteries of Matera


Our experience with Creative Edge Travel was very positive. We had a very unique experience visiting very special places in southern Italy and meeting with very interesting local people. The experience really immersed us in the Italian culture. We highly recommend Sierra. We had a few gloomy days due to the weather and Sierra was able to adjust things accordingly. If you visit Italy, use Creative Edge Travel for a truly unique and exciting experience.

-Gary Slizgi, Secrets of Southern Italy +

Mysteries of Matera 

"The trip Sierra and her team designed for me and my friend was just way above my expectations. She brought us to a small typical village (San Miniato) and we had a magical day there, talking with locals and discovering traditional products. We went to little tiny restaurants, and took walks that we never would have found without her and her knowledge of Tuscany. We felt like the only ones in the world of Italy, able to take a deep breath from our busy lives. Thanks again Sierra, and see you soon for another trip!"

-Elodie Levert, Custom Harvest Experience in Tuscany


"If you want to experience something no other agency will offer you, or something that takes so much time and research to find... if you want to tell your friends back home about places no other tourists have seen, to discover the real heart of only have one choice- Sierra and Creative Edge Travel partners will let you live something unique. Something you will feel to be one of the few to have experienced. Till the point you'll almost be too selfish to share with others."

-Marco Fabbri, Cooking & Opera Experience


"Sierra designed everything to be authentic, bespoke, intimate and personalized. I joined the Intarsia workshop in Anghiari, which was led by one of the leading artisans of inlaid wood parquet in Tuscany. Truly an immersive workshop to rediscover an interesting art that has been passed down from one generation to another. An Italian experience like no other!"

-Jason Alinsunurin, Artisan Experience


"An "Immersive Dinner with Locals", in the Tuscan Hillsides left me feeling at home and in love. We enjoyed a home cooked meal prepared by our hosts, Lucia and her husband Maurizio. Over a five course meal, we enjoyed fresh olive oil, fine wine, and typical Italian dishes. We laughed together, told stories, and shared a common culture. This will be a night I will remember for years to come. 

Creative Edge Travel and the organizer, Sierra, deliver a high-quality experience. The adventures you will take will be off the beaten path. The people you meet will be authentic and genuine. The experience of your travels will be so fulfilling you will look forward till you can come back for more!"

-Tyler Hanzel, Artisan Experience + Dinner Party With Locals


"I am naturally skeptical of tours and prefer to plan my own unique trips. However, after traveling into the villages of Tuscany with Sierra, I can honestly say that no amount of research could have provided me with that type of experience. Her expertise in the area and connection with the locals allows you to get a taste and feel of the true culture of Italy. Every part of the trip was generally laid out, but each experience felt very unique. Sierra works passionately to ensure that the Italy she knows and loves is exactly what you see. If you want to get off the beaten path and see parts of Italy that otherwise would be inaccessible without local connections and the necessary language skills, these are the trips for you. Thanks, Sierra!"

-Seth Mason, Custom Harvest Experience


"It was obvious throughout the entire tour what great amounts of experience, knowledge and effort has been put into the Creative Edge tours. We were able to experience true Italy in a way that would not have been possible without Sierra and her amazing team of contacts. We are extremely grateful for Creative Edge Travel in making our time in Italy one of the highlights of our entire Europe trip! Could not recommend these tours any more highly!"


-Hannah Woodruff, Cooking & Opera Experience

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