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How to Connect with Locals

Anywhere You Go

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Spending time with locals usually leads to unexpected & unique moments!



By knowing how to approach locals, you'll be able to learn about their favorite spots!



Gain a deeper perspective for a more meaningful & unique travel experience in Italy​!


"Your talks are always meaningful and informative. Thank you!"

-Lynda Atwood, New Mexico

How Can This Workshop Help Me?

Want meet locals when you travel but don't know how? Nervous about approaching them? We've put these techniques to practice and now we're sharing them with you!

Our mission is to help you experience Italy's far-flung places, fading traditions, and phenomenal nature through genuine connection with locals

We know that planning a unique and authentic trip to a foreign country can be daunting, to say the least. Not to mention, approaching locals so you can fulfill your vision of hanging out with groups of nonni in the piazza or lingering over a homemade dinner. You probably feel nervous that you'll butcher the local language and never know what to say when you have the opportunity!

Deep breaths. Pour yourself a glass of wine. We've spent years traveling to the tiniest dots on Italy's map, making lifelong friends and experiencing local life through their eyes. We've been invited to Easter Sunday lunch and we've danced with locals at an open-air club in an abandoned fort. We've watched some of Italy's last master artisans at their craft and laughed with kiddos as they giggled at our mispronunciations. We know the ins and outs of connecting with locals anywhere you go and we want to share it all with you!

Why? Because we think getting off-the-beaten-path helps the world become a place that respects and protects the wisdom held within the roots of its cultures. It lessens the strain on overtouristed destinations and spreads the economic opportunity to smaller communities. It helps keep fading traditions and villages alive! And if we can help with that by helping you meet more locals, well we're all in! Are you?

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Sierra Busch, Italy Expert and Founder of Creative Edge Travel


Sierra Busch 

If there’s one thing Italy has taught me, it’s that life can be so damn good when you let yourself truly live it. From my first taste of la dolce vita in 2011, I've never stopped exploring its many regions. From the tall mountains in the north to the sunny heel of the boot in the south, I've scoured maps for Italy's hidden secrets, connecting with locals and soaking up the authentic everyday life along the way. This passion led to a career in travel in NYC, where I worked for top agencies and startups, planning luxury vacations for VIP clients. With more attention given to the size of the hotel's bathroom than what lies outside the door, I felt my values did not align and started to dream of a deeper kind of travel. Now my goal is to bring my guests meaningful travel experiences that will forever connect them to the genuine spirit of Italy that so many others miss. All while helping to keep fading traditions and villages alive!

Through the thoughtful curation of Sierra, we were immersed into the beautiful world of Italian culture and making new friends in a foreign country. We could never in a million years planned something like this on our own. Her wealth of connections to locals in Italy is truly remarkable. It seems as though everyone in Italy knows her and loves her! Sierra is a joy to work with and made the whole experience seamless. She is a true professional. Creative Edge is the hidden treasure to plan an Italian trip full of hidden treasures. We can't wait for Sierra to plan our next trip!

-Erin Halper, Custom Trip in Sicily + Puglia


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