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What We Do


Creative Edge Travel helps you think outside the guidebook to get off-the-map and into the everyday life of authentic Italy. We create experiences around the passions of our local friends and add our own creative edge to assure it’s something meaningful and special.

Whether in Tuscany or the hidden corners of Sicily, off-the-beaten-path is what we do. In fact, it’s all we do. We know you can get yourself to the David or the Colosseum (and you should) but we focus on bringing travelers deeper into the daily lives of locals- walking arm in arm through town with an elder as he shares stories about growing up there, for example. A few minutes later and you're sketching with a local artist amidst vines of an ancient vineyard.


Our passion is getting you past the obvious and into the veins of the culture, where our friends and artisans are waiting to share their way of life with you.


What makes Creative Edge unique?

The #1 thing that sets us apart is our people-focused approach to bring you into the lives of locals. Imagine lingering over a home-cooked meal in a local family's home with sweeping Tuscan views and meaningful conversation about both the beauty and the challenges within their daily lives. 

We go beyond the typical tourist sites to create experiences around the passions of our local friends and add our own creative edge to assure it’s something meaningful and special. We don’t just plan trips, we design special moments around people

Trip Features

Creative workshops, nature excursions, & immersive activities.

We put a lot of effort into making sure our experiences are unique, exciting, and fun!

Relaxed time with locals.

We invite our local friends to hang out with us so you'll always have opportunities to get to know a local in a relaxed atmosphere

Time to Breathe. 

We know from experience that getting to know the character of a place and the people there means a lot more than a brief photo op. We plan special moments for you to just relax, take in the view, and whip out your sketchbook or journal so you can bring those memories back to life whenever you like.

Small groups.

Exclusive groups of just 7 like-minded travelers offers the best opportunity to really connect with one another and have fun. (It also means no sheep herding.)

Our Experiences Go Deeper. 

You’ll receive quick language tips in the weeks leading up to your trip so that by the time you lay eyes on your first gelateria, you’ll be able to order in Italian. You may even find yourself and a companion matched with a local family for a long Sunday lunch. You can choose how immersive you want your experience to be, but we think our added attention to true immersion makes for the most authentic and special experiences.

Meet the team

Sierra, Founder

My Favorite Moment >

I fell hard for Italy in 2011 and have never stopped exploring its many regions since. From the tall mountains in the north to the sunny heel of the boot in the south, I scoured maps for Italy's hidden secrets, connecting with locals and soaking up the authentic everyday life along the way. This passion led to a career in travel in NYC, where I worked for top agencies and startups, planning luxury vacations for VIP clients. Now living half the year in Italy, my goal is to bring my guests meaningful travel experiences that will forever connect them to the genuine spirit of Italy.

Friends & Partners

My Favorite Moment >

From our group of friends in Apulia who love to go salsa dancing to the wonderful family in Florence that feeds us heaps of homemade food each time we visit, our Italian friends and partners are truly like family. We are so lucky to work with such warm and generous souls, and they, too, feel happy for the opportunity to share their world with curious guests. 

MarketinG Manager

My Favorite Moment >

I'm an Indonesian-born, seafood-loving travel enthusiast. I work in the tech industry in Toronto and have traveled to many countries since accidentally flying across the world alone at age 15. Italy, however, has always held a special place in my heart. The kindness of the locals, their philosophy of life, their passion for food, and the natural beauty always leaves me in awe. When not scouring the net for my next getaway, I can be found reading a fiction, getting a massage, or simply living la dolce di far niente (the sweetness of doing nothing).

A note from The Founder

Ciao friends! I design cultural immersion trips for those who want to get off-the-beaten-path in Italy and connect with the local experience. My background is in fine art and working as a luxury travel planner for VIP clients, which means I'm thinking of every detail and how to make each moment special. 

I got my sense of adventure from exploring the lush, green forests of the Appalachian mountains where I grew up. It's also where I first found inspiration for my artwork, along with National Geographic magazines which instilled the very first seeds of desire to experience new cultures and landscapes.

In 2011, I chose to study art in a tiny, hilltop town in Tuscany. I loved the cobblestone streets and the patchwork views that went forever. I loved getting to know the vegetable man and the gelato man and the leather saleswoman (hey, I put my priorities in the right place!). And I loved who I was there, a new and exciting side of myself laying undiscovered for all my life.

I had discovered a way of living so beautiful that I couldn’t stop thinking about it. My roommate even told me that I sometimes spoke Italian in my sleep. I returned again and again, traveling to different regions and scouring maps to find the most beautiful villages no one had ever heard of. 

It was then that I started to dream. I saw so many tourists making a beeline for just the famous sites...They'd raise their cameras without ever actually taking in the scene with their own naked eye and connecting with the context and history. I just shuddered to think about what incredible experiences they were missing just under the surface. Experiences whose mark showed only in the growth of one's soul, not in a photograph.

So I began a career in travel in NYC, where I worked for top agencies and startups, planning luxury vacations for private clients. And just for the fun of it, I started a group called Travelistas United for other women entrepreneurs in travel which has grown to 375+ members.


Living half the year in Italy and the other half at home in the Appalachian mountains, my goal is to bring my guests meaningful travel experiences that will forever connect them to the genuine spirit of Italy that so many never quite reach.


I truly believe slow, meaningful travel leads to personal and spiritual growth, helping us explore who we are in this world and lead fuller, happier lives. I hope you'll join me in seeing what emerges in bella Italia...

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