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Let’s Make Gelato!

Learn about this century old business of gelato making and find pleasure on creating and tasting your very own gelato.

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About This Experience

Step into a family-run gelato shop dating back more than 100 years when it was hand turned inside buckets of ice. Iginio is the chief gelato maker now, assisted by his wife Antonella. Together, they’ll show you the secrets to making THE best gelato..from sourcing the ingredients to the right way to store it to maintain its flavor. Next, get to work making two flavors of your own gelato (usually 1 classic flavor like chocolate and 1 seasonal fruit flavor). Taste your fresh gelato straight from the churning machine and be amazed by your effort! After satisfying your sweet tooth and curious minds, you’ll each go home with 350 grams of whichever flavor you choose. You’ll never look at ice cream or gelato the same way again!

Local Experience

Southern Italy


2-3 Hours

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  • Meet the owners and makers of the gelato shop.

  • Learn the secrets of gelato making and create your own flavors.

  • Tasting and taking home your very own ice cream.



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