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Casentino Valley: A Day in the Footsteps of Dante

Stroll through ancient castles see the history of Dante Alighieri brought to life.

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About This Experience

This educational trip in the Casentino Valley, takes you to discover the area where the Italian language itself was born and brought to life by Dante Alighieri. With your passionate local guide, you'll visit the Castle of Romena and Castle of Poppi, with a tour of the unique Casentino fabric workshops typical of this area. During a break, you'll enjoy lunch in a typical Casentinese restaurant. Later, soak in the unique atmosphere of the Sanctuary of Verna (where St. Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of Italy, received the stigmata).

Finally, you'll taste typical local cheeses and cured meats in a traditional cellar nearby. As a fun and interesting twist to this experience, your guide will be dressed as Dante Alighieri, expertly adding commentary on the places you'll be visiting and their relation to the Divine Comedy.

Dante spent his first 10 years of exile in Casentino where he wrote the Inferno and Purgatory. This can be proven thanks to the countless references in the Divine Comedy to places which are still alive and present in the Casentino Valley. Who better to introduce you to the hidden treasures of Casentino than an experienced guide dressed as the High Poet himself who can bring it all to life with passion and unending knowledge?

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Central Italy


Full Day

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  • Be expertly guided to old castles and learn the history of these impressive structures.

  • See the history of Dante Alighieri brought to life before your eyes with historical presentations of the Divine Comedy.

  • Soak in the unique atmosphere of the Sanctuary where St. Francis of Assisi received the stigmata.

  • Taste local products and tour the unique Casentino fabric workshops.



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