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Handmade Pasta with New Friends

Spend an evening with authentic Italian Pasta, wine and Roman History overlooking Eternal City.

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About This Experience

Join a mother and daughter team for an evening spent connecting with Italian culture through handmade pasta. One is a sommelier and the other a cheerful and sociable Italiana with passions for cooking and Roman history.

You will meet your hosts at their wonderful house situated at the top of Gianicolo Hill, a historic area known by locals for its views over Rome. As you prepare Tiramisù, handmade pasta, and two sauces, the host will explain the story of their culinary methods and customs, passed down through generations.

Finally, sit down to enjoy the food that you've prepared, accompanied by great wine. Later you can enjoy one of the most impressive views of the Eternal City a short distance from their doorstep. You’ll have so much fun cooking and eating as an authentic Roman with homemade food, entertainment, laughs, and new friends!

Local Experience

Central Italy


4.5 Hours

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  • Hands-on lesson creating authentic Italian pasta.

  • Learn the Roman history behind food preparation and customs.

  • Wine and dine over your homecooked meal on a terrace with a charming view. 



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