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Hidden and Unknown Sites of Florence

Visit unexplored sites and understand the process of art restoration.

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About This Experience

Florence is famous for its abundance of amazing art and architecture. You could spend months here and still not see it all! With tourists flocking to the major museums and world-renowned sites, many secrets lie largely unseen by visitors. We've partnered up with Palazzo Ridolfi, home to one of Florence's top institutes for art and restoration, to create an experience that takes you to two of the city's unique, unexplored sites.

First, you'll step inside Badia Fiorentina for a guided visit and explanation of the history behind its artworks. The frescoes and stone inlay of Chiostro degli Aranci and that of the San Mauro Chapel are particularly noteworthy. As the tour is lead by a Florentine art restoration school, you will gain a unique, insider perspective on how the school worked to restore these specific artworks to their former glory.

Your next destination will be the Cemetery of the Holy Doors, located above the famous Piazzale Michelangelo with an incredible view over the entire city! Many famous Italians are buried here and the art school has worked to restore many of the gravestones and tombs which are incredible works of art themselves. As you walk through the fascinating cemetery, you'll learn about how the funerary monuments and gravestones were restored and hear the haunting and sad stories of those buried there.

Local Experience

Central Italy


1-3 Hours

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  • Visit unexplored sites with a practiced art conservator where you can see and understand the techniques used to  restore paintings, frescoes, and sculptures.

  • Gain a deeper understand and appreciation for the  artworks you see in Florence's famous museums.

  • Enjoy a spectacular view of Florence!



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