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Hiking with Donkeys

Visit a typical farm and ride with donkeys to a castle or beautiful valley.

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About This Experience

Combine nature, culture, farm life, food, and adventure with this unique excursion! With charming local donkeys as your companions, you'll take a walk through the beautiful Casentino forests to Porciano Castle or Castle Castagnaio. During the walk, up to 5 kids can ride donkeys (up to 120 pounds/55 kg) for a unique memory!

The paths are suitable for the speed with which the donkeys move, understandably slower than that of an adult man, but in perfect synchrony with that of young kiddos. Donkeys therefore become ideal travel companions, who, with their "slowness" will allow you to fully enjoy the natural, artistic and architectural beauties that characterize the Casentino valley.

Local Experience

Central Italy


4 Hours

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  • Immerse yourself in the nature of the beautiful Casentino area.

  • Kids can ride a donkey to reach a unique location!

  • Visit a typical farm.



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