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Make Your Own Perfume Workshop

Meet a Master Perfumer who leads you through designing your very own unique scent.

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About This Experience

A fascinating sensory experience, this activity focuses on the creation of a unique and personalized scent, blending together aromatic notes of several raw materials as guided by a Master Perfumer, Dr. Fernanda Russo. The setting is one of Florence's oldest herbalist shops, where experts have mixed their deep knowledge of herbal properties with their practical expertise to produce natural cures since 1700!

Local Experience

Central Italy


1.5 Hours

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  • "Meet and Greet" with the Master Perfumer and learn about the history of perfume making.

  • Participate in a workshop to create your own custom perfume.

  • Step inside one of the oldest shops in Florence, where herbalists have been at work since the 1700s.



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