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Metalsmithing Workshop

Light up your torch and melt metal into jewelry with a master metalsmith.

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About This Experience

Have you ever passed windows of handmade traditional crafts and wished you could get a better look and deeper understanding of how they're done? Step inside Enzo's studio in the Oltrarno neighborhood to discover the timeless craft of metalsmithing! This native Florentine artisan is a true Italian gentleman, with a great respect for his craft and passion for creating fine objects that echo back to times passed. By combining metal and heat, you'll each have the opportunity to create a ring with a stone setting, necklace, or a pendant with your initials intertwined. This workshop is approximately 5 hours and includes the materials needed to create your custom design. It will be an unforgettable, immersive experience connecting with history through handmade craft.

Local Experience

Central Italy


5 Hours

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  • Get to know a Florentine artist and be inspired by his passion for keeping the Florentine metalsmithing traditions alive.

  • Dive into the studio with the artisan to see the process of this art.

  • Hands-on experience creating your own souvenir to take home.



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