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Olive Harvest Experience

Learn more about growing, harvesting and processing olives in this olive picking experience.

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About This Experience

Deepen your appreciation for quality olive oil by participating in an olive harvest at a farm just 15 minutes outside of Matera! After being picked up from the center of Matera, you’ll head to a typical agriturismo where you’ll learn about its story. After a tour of the olive groves and learning all about how they maintain and grow their 3000 trees, you’ll be introduced to both the traditional and modern techniques for picking the olives. Equipped with the knowledge and instructions from your hosts, you’ll even get to have a go at it yourself! Then, you’ll take a short trip to the local olive press where you’ll see and learn everything there is to know about producing olive oil. After tasting the amazingly fresh olive oil, you’ll head back to the farm to linger over a homemade, multi-course Italian meal!

Local Experience

Southern Italy


4-5 Hours

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  • Get a tour to over 3000 olive grooves and how they grow and maintain them.

  • Have the opportunities to pick olives and learn all about the harvest.

  • Get an escorted trip to a local olive press to see the entire process of creating olive oil.



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