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Private Guided Visit at Hadrian's Villa

Indulge in the grandeur of an UNESCO World Heritage site where a powerful Roman Emperor once lived.

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About This Experience

Hadrian’s Villa (in Italian: Villa Adriana) was completed for the Roman Emperor Hadrian just a few years before his death in around 138 AD. Now an UNESCO World Heritage site, this extraordinary archeological site gives us a fascinating glimpse of the lavish lifestyles of the ancient Roman emperors and helps us to appreciate the immense power that they wielded. As you walk around this vast architectural complex with your expert guide, whose passion and knowledge brings the past vividly back to life, you will see theatres, rooms, gardens, pools, baths, columns and statues, as well as impressive features such as vaulted ceilings that are still standing despite the ravages of time. A visit to Hadrian’s Villa gives you an invaluable opportunity to admire the glories of ancient Rome in a beautiful location where one of the most powerful men in history built an impressive villa for his own private aesthetic pleasure.

Local Experience

Central Italy


4 Hours

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  • Explore impressive Roman architecture at the site of an ancient palace.

  • Learn about the lavish lifestyles of ancient Roman emperors.

  • Bring the past vividly back to life through the anicent theatres, gardens, baths, and art.



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