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Tuscany with a Local

Let a fun and knowledgeable local take charge to reveal his favorite hidden jewels of the Tuscan countryside.

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About This Experience

Tuscany is full of dreamy medieval villages, forgotten ancient ruins, breathtaking scenery, and hidden treasures only locals know about! Hand the reins over to our local friend who will spend the day showing you the Tuscany he knows and grew up in! After getting picked up in Florence, you'll head out to the countryside for a full day of exploring. Sometimes your driver will personally accompany you to point out interesting things, and other times you'll be on your own to soak it in. This is an ideal experience for those who love to surrender to the magic of the unplanned and unexpected! Stops may include villages, churches, scenic views, farms, wineries, artisan workshops, and more - customized to your interests! Don't worry about where you're going or what you'll be doing, just show up and enjoy having the knowledge of a local at your side!

Day Trip

Central Italy


7-8 Hours

Our experiences are organized just for you! Send an inquiry and we'll check pricing and availability!


  • Get to know a quirky and friendly local guide and let him lead you to his favorite hidden spots!

  • Visit orchards and wineries and taste their best products.

  • Appreciate the stunning countryside, visit old churches, and wander medieval villages.

  • Learn a craft or two when stopping by artisan workshops.



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