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Live Online Cooking Workshop

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In Italy, coming together with friends at the end of the day to share a drink, a bite, and a chat is ingrained in the culture. This “aperitivo time” is a reflection of the culture’s emphasis on quality time with those you love and good food of course!
  • 2.5 - 3 hours

  • From $30 per person, min. 6 participants

  • Private Experience

  • Get a list of ingredients as soon as you book!

Meet your host: Karem

Our friend Karem Pasqualetti (Bartender and Chef de Rang of the Four Seasons in Florence) will lead us in crafting typical Italian cocktails and a couple of homemade snacks to go along with our aperitivo. His passion for handcrafted cocktails is infectious and we can’t wait for you to meet him! Karem will lead you through 3 different cocktails and 2 typical aperitivo snacks to accompany the drinks. At the end we will sit and share our digital aperitivo together with some good conversation and cultural exchange! 
Click below to let us know your ideal date and time so we can check availability. We will then contact you with details!
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