10 Beautiful Backgrounds of Hidden Italian Places – Free Zoom Backgrounds

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Whether you wanted to or not, chances are you’ve had to get used to daily Zoom meetings. With so much time spent in the video conferencing app, it’s no great surprise that people have started finding ways to make it more fun and creative.

You’ve probably noticed some people using virtual backgrounds to hide their messy room and make it look like they’re somewhere else, such as an empty beach or the Golden Gate bridge.

But did you know you can upload your own virtual backgrounds to Zoom?

It’s actually super easy, you can have your own free Zoom background in less than 10 seconds (just check out the step-by-step instructions at the bottom of this article)!

We know you’ve likely given up your vacation this year, so we’ve created these 10 free Zoom backgrounds to turn your virtual meetings into an Italian escape! They’re all original photos taken by our founder, Sierra Busch, while traveling to some of her favorite secret places in off-the-beaten-path Italy!

Check them out below or click here to download the high quality backgrounds now!

10 Beautiful Backgrounds of Hidden Italian Places – Free Zoom Backgrounds

Zoom Background #1

A countryside village in the region of Campania, Italy.

Zoom Background #2

Castello Manfredonico in central Sicily was built in the 14th century!

Zoom Background #3

The charming seaside village of Cefalu in Sicily.

Zoom Background #4

The majestic view from San Miniato in Tuscany, Italy. The world’s largest white truffle was found here then gifted to U.S. president Dwight D. Eisenhower!

Zoom Background #5

Beautiful wildflowers in the gorgeous landscape of central Sicily.

Zoom Background #6

A scenic bridge in Fabbriche di Vergemoli in Tuscany, Italy. This hamlet was founded by ironworkers from Bergamo in the 14th century.

Zoom Background #7

A picture-perfect path at the tiny hamlet of Isola Santa in Tuscany, Italy. The church in this hamlet was built in 1260!

Zoom Background #8

The breathtaking view of Barga, Italy in the region of Tuscany.

Zoom Background #9

Thousands of ancient olive trees in the southern Italian region of Puglia.

Zoom Background #10

A scene of everyday life in the ancient pilgrimage city of Monte Sant’Angelo in the region of Puglia, Italy.

How to add your own free virtual backgrounds to Zoom:

Click here to download the above backgrounds.

Once you’re in the folder, just right click on the background you want and click Download.

You can download as many free Zoom backgrounds as you’d like!

When you’re in your Zoom meeting, click the small arrow to the right of the video icon at the bottom. Select “Choose Virtual Background…”.

On the next screen, you’ll see your video preview and a few virtual background options that Zoom provides. On the right side, click the small gray plus sign and click “Add Image”. Select the image you’ve downloaded above and click Open. And voila, you’re now in bella Italia! Pretty cool, right?

If this isn’t working, check to make sure you’ve enabled virtual backgrounds on your account by following the instructions in the section “Enable Virtual Background” in this article.

Pro Tip: If you’d like to flip the image of your Zoom background, check the “Mirror my Video” box at the bottom of the page where you choose your background.

Do you love your free Zoom backgrounds of hidden Italian places? Tell us which one you like best in the comments below and share this article with a friend!

If you’re ready to move from Italian daydream to reality, take a look at our Upcoming Trips page to see where we’re headed next!

Note: Images are to be used as Zoom backgrounds only. You are prohibited to use them anywhere outside of Zoom. Do not alter, redistribute, or sell the photos. Copyright applies.

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