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Coronavirus and its Cultural Consequences

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

A Note from Our Founder, Sierra Busch

No one could have anticipated that 2020 would start with such a world-wide crisis. The impact of the COVID-19 virus has been far-reaching, both geographically and economically, and in ways yet to be fully understood. 

As the founder of Creative Edge Travel, I want to take a moment to mourn those who we’ve lost to the virus in Italy, and those throughout the world. Along with these grandfathers and grandmothers (mostly), we’ve also lost ages of culture, tradition, and history. Our elders throughout the world are key to our diverse cultures and maintaining their strength and wisdom, and so this comes as a great cultural consequence.

My mind keeps coming back to the true significance of these losses, which is now very rapid and very real. It makes me deeply appreciate every moment I’ve spent listening to my 90-year old friend, Carlo, tell me about his amazing life. And every moment spent dancing arm-in-arm with his timid wife, Angela, who lights up when she sees me as if I’m one of her very own grandchildren. I don’t even mind the extra servings she force-feeds me every time I’m invited to dinner.

Fortunately, Carlo and Angela are doing ok right now, and their son Marcello is working hard as a nurse to combat this virus. But it brings tears to my eyes to think about the hundreds of people who are just as special, passing away each and every day. It reminds me whyI do what I do; to help the world become a place that respects and protects the wisdom held within the roots of its cultures. To learn from the past to form a richer present. Sadly, right now, we are losing it all much faster than we could have prepared for.

My thoughts are also with our dear friends and partners in Italy who rely on tourism to make ends meet. This will pass and soon travelers will be exploring Italy with a new appreciation. Until then, we will share any opportunities to support our Italian partners from afar.

First up, find details below to join an online cooking class with our dear friend Lucrezia easy to do from home and the perfect thing to look forward to during your impending quarantine!

Thank you for your outpouring of support and concern. We can’t wait to get back to helping you experience Italy’s far-flung places, fading traditions, and phenomenal nature! Until then, stay safe, stay healthy, and stay home.

How About a Little Cooking Class with Your Quarantine?

hand pulling fresh fettuccine noodles out of a pasta machine

Many cancellations this year means visitors will not enjoy the Italian marvels that so many come to taste and experience. But it doesn’t stop us! For those who can’t go to Italy, we lean on our cultural beauty and culinary traditions to lift spirits and bring a smile to those at home all day.

In this virtual cooking course with small groups and two sessions per day, you’ll use fresh and simple ingredients to cook like an Italian “nonna”!

All proceeds go directly to our friend, Lucrezia, as she navigates the financial challenges caused by Coronavirus.

Creative Edge Travel offers small group and custom trips to the lesser-known areas of Italy. Visit our Upcoming Trips page to see where we’re headed next!

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