Florence’s Off-the-Beaten-Path Jewel: The Historic Florentine Silk Factory

Florence is one of my top favorite cities. Why? You can walk the same streets as Michelangelo and Da Vinci and melt over their works in countless museums. You can be in the breathtaking Tuscan countryside in 15 minutes. Or you can get off-the-beaten-path without ever leaving the city. In 2017, I spent two months living in the wonderful Oltrarno district, where I came across Florence’s off-the-beaten-path jewels on a daily basis.

As the magic of Italy would have it, I happened to meet a new friend who connected me with the most impressive off-the-beaten-path jewel I’d yet to discover in Florence. Over the view from Fiesole and sandwiches brought to life by pecorino cream, my amico casually told me his mother works in Florence’s historic silk factory, Anticio Setificio Fiorentino.

Stepping Inside the Antico Setificio Fiorentino

24 hours later, I was greeting his lovely mom, Luana, with a kiss on each cheek and stepping inside the factory for a behind-the-scenes look!

Luana has been working at the factory for 8 years, the epitome of a dream job for someone who studied weaving and art. The factory itself, however, has been at work for the past 235 years–since 1786. They can identify the textiles in some of the fabrics and tapestries that appear in paintings in the Uffizi Museum as textiles made in their own factory!

Luana walked me through each step of the process, from making a single thread to combining threads to make thicker thread and eventually tassels and decorations to be attached to their textiles. To top it off, the fringes, cords, and braids are created using a warper designed by Leonardo Da Vinci himself!

Then we entered the impressive room full of antique looms where they make the most luxurious silks I’ve ever touched, along with other elegant fabrics and tapestries.