How to Organize Your Suitcase for Stress-Free Travel

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

How to pack for a trip is the most stressful part of travel for some people. Having done a lot of 3-month long trips overseas, I’ve learned a thing or two about organizing your suitcase for stress-free travel. Leave that cute puppy out of your suitcase for example, no matter how badly you want to sneak him to Italy with you! But on a more practical note, I wanted to share the routine I’ve refined over the years that makes for stress-free travel. We all want that, right?!


1. Start with a plan. Rather than pulling everything out of your closet that you might want to bring and trying to narrow it down, start with writing a list of items you need then fill in each category. For example, 2 casual tops, 2 nice tops, 1 pair of pants, 1 dress, etc.


2. Use packing cubes. I’m not sure how such a simple idea could really be SO helpful, but I swear by these things. Before packing cubes, I spent a lot of time digging to find a particular item or felt like I had to entirely unpack every time I got to a new place.


3. Organize based on your morning routine. Keeping in mind how I like to get ready in the morning and the order in which I need each item, here’s how I do it: one bag for showering (this is your shampoo, soap, razor, etc), one bag for primping (makeup, toothbrush, tweezers), one bag for daily medicines/vitamins, one bag for underwear, and a dirty laundry bag. The night before, I choose what I’ll wear (not because I’m that organized but because I’m that SLOW in the morning!).


 4. Think ahead. Where are your smaller pockets on your bags and what items will you need t