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Locals in Italy: Meet Enzo, Metalsmith Artisan in Florence

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

My favorite area to wander and live in Florence is Oltrarno, the area just across the river from the main tourist center where you can quickly sink into local life centered around Piazza Santo Spirito.

One of the many things I love about Oltrarno is that it is still full of hidden artisan studios where, with the right insider know-how, you can discover ancient techniques still in use today to create timeless masterpieces.

italian metalsmith man in his artisan studio in oltrarno florence italy

I recently met with one of those master artisans, humbly hiding just steps from Piazza Santo Spirito where he passionately creates metalwork in his workshop and passes on his craft to a dedicated apprentice.

I was amazed by the beautiful things Enzo is able to create from hard metal. Elegant jewelry, epic feasting goblets, and metal fixtures on high-end fashion bags. Looking around his workshop, I could tell I was stepping into his personal haven, a place where he finds peace and passion and had labored for countless hours.

Step inside Enzo’s metalsmithing studio with me to discover his timeless craft! 

Want to take a class from Enzo?

Visit  and get in touch to book our experiences or join our small-group trips!

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