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Spring in Italy: The Ultimate Packing List

Updated: Mar 15

by Sierra Busch and Frances Reid

Open suitcase with packed clothes, and a few lose accessories; lipstick, face mist, hand wipes, along with a vintage camera sits on a wood floor under a large green house plant, next to silver slippers and a black wallet.

Photo by STIL on Unsplash

So you’ve booked a spring getaway to Italy. Bravissimo! Now, you just have to pack…for spring…in Italy. Spring is a great time to travel to Italy because it means fewer crowds than summer months and discounted flights and accommodations, but spring is a tricky season to dress for. It can go from being rainy and cold to sunny with a chance of sunburn. Take it from me, choosing some key mix-and-match pieces and handy travel accessories makes it possible to be both stylish and comfortable, all while looking super savvy by avoiding excessive baggage fees.

Trust me, you can fit everything you need to be effortlessly stylish (and comfortable) in a carry-on. Here’s my ultimate packing list for spring in Italy.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, which means that should you click any of the links and make a purchase I may get a small commission at absolutely no cost to you.

Travel Accessories

You can just toss everything into a few bags, and end up lugging those bags around. OR you can invest in a few travel accessories that’ll make bouncing around Italy a breeze. First up: Packing Cubes. There’s no doubt that you’ve seen Packing Cubes on just about every travel list, and there’s a good reason for that. They are key to packing everything you need (and want) while packing light. If you get Compression Packing Cubes (which I highly recommend) you’ll even be able to have room to bring souvenirs back without having to buy an extra bag. We’ve all been there before.

Another easy way to expand your packing capacity is with either a day-pack or a small bag. The benefits are twofold, you can pack all your electronic essentials and have a great carryall option for adventures once you arrive. Purses are great (and you can tuck one in your suitcase for a night out option), but have you tried carrying a purse or handbag while sightseeing?

Between the nagging shoulder pain, having to carry water bottles, scarves, umbrellas, or Houdini-ing these items to your bag to keep your hands free…-it’s not ideal. With the options linked to above, you’ll have tons of room to carry your daily essentials and be comfortable!

Clothes and Shoes

Okay so this is the meat and potatoes of travel packing: What to wear. Italy is undoubtedly a style mecca, but unless you’re planning to walk the runway you can focus on a few pieces that you can dress up or down. And keep in mind that average spring temperatures in Italy are between 43 to 73 degrees Fahrenheit.

To ensure that you’re prepared for the weather, pack items that are easily layered so you stay comfortable and prepared for whatever the day throws at you.

This list can be customized based on how long you’re traveling:

  1. Tennis shoes with good traction and support

  2. Comfortable walking sandals that can be dressed up or down

  3. Sarong or light beach towel, will double as a cover up for entering churches

  4. Hat for sun

  5. Sunglasses

  6. Swimsuit

  7. 1-2 pairs of jeans

  8. 1-2 pairs of casual and loose-fitting pants

  9. 1-2 pairs of shorts / skorts

  10. 1 long sleeve top

  11. 1-2 t-shirts

  12. 1 tank top

  13. 1-3 blouses that can transition from day to night

  14. 1 active-wear top

  15. 1 casual dress/skirt (These villages can be breezy- I recommend at least knee length.)

  16. 1 sundress, maxi dress, or jumpsuit that can be dressier for the evening

  17. 1 light jacket (such as a jean jacket) that can be worn with or without your down jacket

  18. 1-2 cardigans, sweaters, other layering item that easily fits in your day bag and will add that cozy factor needed for unexpectedly chilly moments

  19. 1 pair of leggings or tights for an extra layer on your legs on chilly mornings and evenings

The Extras

Once you’ve got your wardrobe covered, there are a few extra items you may want to consider adding. Click the links to check them out yourself!

GoStak Containers -These small plastic containers have a screw-top lid and stack on each other. They’re a great alternative to squeeze bottles for your liquids as they’re less likely to leak and are easier to get everything out of the container when you’re running low. Great for thick body creams and could be used to organize small items like jewelry or bobby pins.

Journal– Traveling is awesome, and you’ll want to remember not only your cultural experience but your observations as well.

Portable Power Bank and Travel Adapters– There’s nothing worse than wanting to capture the perfect moment, realizing your battery is at 3% and you having no way to recharge. Been there, done that.

There you have it! I hope this helps you plan for your Italian Vacation. Remember to choose the things that will make you feel the most comfortable. I’d love to hear from you guys.

Comment below on your travel essentials and must-haves!

And if you now have Italian wanderlust and no spring plans, consider joining our small group tour of just 7 people for an epic, utterly unique tour of Southern Italy!

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