The ULTIMATE Guide for the Solo Woman in Italy

I’ve been working so hard on a secret project– I can’t believe today I finally get to tell you what it is!

I've been diligently pouring myself into this project from 6:30 - 9am every day for the past year. (Consistency breeds success!)

I've sorted through over a decade of experience and added every lesson, tip, and tool to save you so much time, stress, and worry!

If you want to avoid the tourist traps, be part of the culture, and have the *local* experience in Italy, then keep reading.

The Guide to Uncover a NEW Way of Solo Travel

In my *secret project* I'm going to uncover a NEW way of travel.

No more giant tour buses and hordes of tourists destroying the city–we're talking about sustainable, authentic, and meaningful experiences.

But this project isn't just about traveling off-the-beaten-path... Let me start with a question: Have you ever dreamt about a life changing solo journey in Italy? Follow up question: How many times have you stopped yourself in your tracks before you even got started? It’s easy to feel scared of getting lost and staying safe as a solo woman in Italy. Or overwhelmed by trying to find the time, save the money, and organize the logistics. But the truth is–it’s deeper than your fear of taking a bus in a foreign country or asking for three weeks off work. It’s the fear of going against the grain to take a giant leap and believe in yourself. Solo travel is a powerful catalyst. It shows us who we really are. It reveals our strengths. It teaches us about our purpose.

Solo travel is how we reconnect with who we are, away from a society that would rather tell us who we should be. The leap is large, so if you struggle with finding the courage to take it, every solo woman traveler has been there. 
Heck, I've been there.

But knowing who you are–and learning to prioritize that–is the most important thing you can do for your life.

Introducing...The ULTIMATE Guide for the Solo Woman In Italy: Eat Authentic, Shop Local, Travel Off the Beaten Path

I couldn't be more excited to get this e-book in your hands. I know the impact traveling solo in Italy has had on my life. It illuminated a spark in myself that changed everything, and I want to help you light up your life, too.

The PRE-SALE has officially launched! (woohoo) You can Pre-Order now through December 15th, 2020 and get access to these Pre-Sale Perks from 9 awesome brands!

Stay tuned for the official release of this comprehensive guide to women's solo travel in Italy on January 5th, 2021!

P.S. The ULTIMATE Guide for the Solo Woman in Italy is well over 150 pages long (and it's not done yet). This isn't just some quick guide, it's an in-depth resource absolutely FULL of the secrets and strategies I use every day as a female solo traveler, professional travel designer, and Italy expert. Even if you're not a woman and you're not traveling solo, I'm confident you'll find this guide to be super valuable!

Just take a look at what they're saying about it...

"This is THE only guide you'll ever need for Italy!"

-Alisha Dosani, Georgia

"I would pay $100 for this book - and that would still be *cheap* considering that there is no-stone-left-unturned regarding how to plan and navigate your solo (or non-solo) trip to Italy! Woohoo! I'm excited!"

-Jana Castelli, New Jersey

"What I would have given to have had this book the first time I went on a solo trip through Italy! Not only does it include the most incredible tips for creating a trip that aligns with your dreams, but Sierra has written in such a way that really speaks to the heart. She doesn't just teach you about fabulous off-the-beaten path places to go and how to get there, but also guides you in how to listen to and understand your inner voice. She has thought of everything you'll need in your suitcase, wallet, and itinerary to ensure your trip fulfills you--mind, tastebuds, and soul!"

-Jessica Kaplan, Washington, D.C.

“The information, experiences and knowledge provided are worth a lot more than the cost of the ebook and will save you time in your research as well–it’s like having a personal guide in your pocket.”

-Melanie Ebersole, Alaska

Pre-Order now through December 15th, 2020 and get access to these Pre-Sale Perks from 9 awesome brands!