The ULTIMATE Guide for the Solo Woman in Italy

Updated: May 24

I’ve been working so hard on a secret project and I can’t believe I finally get to tell you what it is!

For the past year, I've been diligently pouring myself into this project every day before work, from 6:30 am - 9 am (Consistency breeds success!). I've sorted through over a decade of experience and added every lesson, travel tip, and tool I’ve found to save you SO much time, stress, and worry!

If you want to avoid the tourist traps, be part of the Italian culture, and have the local, authentic experience in Italy, then keep reading!

The Definitive Guide to TRANSFORMATIONAL Solo Travel

Introducing... The ULTIMATE Guide for the Solo Woman In Italy: Eat Authentic, Shop Local, Travel Off the Beaten Path

It started out as a “quick travel guide”, but I couldn’t stop adding more and more to it! At 250+ pages, it’s now the most comprehensive guide out there about solo travel in Italy, and I couldn’t be more excited to get it in the hands of as many women as possible.

But here’s why this is bigger than me and why it’s important:

Women are so often discouraged from taking time to explore themselves and connect with their inner strength. There are so many forces that keep us distracted with appearances, taking care of those who “need” us, and following a scripted path that keeps those around us comfortable.

But solo travel is a powerful catalyst. It shows us who we really are. It reveals our strengths. It teaches us about our purpose.

Solo travel is how we reconnect with who we are, away from a society that would rather tell us who we should be.

And I fully believe that the world needs more women going after what they truly want; what their soul calls for. Though regardless of your gender, knowing who you are–and learning to prioritize that–is the most important thing you can do for your life.

Can you get behind that thought? Have you had moments when life was living you? When you needed to remember who you are outside of the demands of your 9-5 job, your family, or the chocolate addiction you’ve picked up just to cope with the above?

I have. More than once. And each time, Italy has healed me. Wandering on my own across its rolling hills, through its many gelato shops, and around its endlessly breathtaking villages has reconnected me with myself, time and time again.

These solo adventures in Italy have completely transformed my life, and I want to help others access the magic of Italy, too. The ULTIMATE Guide for the Solo Woman in Italy is an in-depth resource absolutely FULL of all the tips, secrets, and strategies I use every day as a solo female traveler, professional travel designer, and Italy expert.

Even if you're not a woman and you're not traveling solo, I'm confident you'll find my comprehensive travel guide invaluable for your next adventure in Italy!

After reading my extensive, in-depth travel guide, you’ll know how to: