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Top 5 Ways to Get Exercise While Traveling

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

by Lauren Chiarello, Guest Writer

I adore traveling + exploring! As a fit, active person, I tend to gear my trips to outdoor adventures. There are a lot of ways to move + groove while you travel – you can weave movement into exploring or even carve out 10 minutes to find your core. Here are my favorite ways to get exercise while traveling.

Get exercise while traveling

1. Be a local! Download the YELP app + try using a few of the following search words: Fitness Classes, Gyms, Yoga, Pilates, etc. You can sort by distance + read reviews. I find that it’s one of the best ways to find the places nearby so you can jump into a class. One time, I was visiting Verona, Italy + I found a Pilates studio downstairs from our Airbnb. Core party!

ways to stay fit while traveling

2. Be curious! Wherever you’re staying, ask about community meet ups or classes. People who live in the area are usually in tune to what’s happening. You can find hidden gems that way. One time, I was visiting in Grand Cayman in the Cayman Islands and was chatting with the woman working in a café. Turned out she was a yoga instructor + led donation-based yoga classes on the beach. Namaste!

running at the beach to stay fit while traveling

3. Be flexible! Have an open mind. You may be used to using a certain piece of equipment (let’s say, a spin bike), but try to broaden your horizon. There are tons of phenomenal exercises you can do by using your own body weight. One time, I was on Caye Caulker in Belize during my NYC Marathon training. I had 16 miles to run on an island that is 5 miles by 1 mile. I woke up super early to beat the heat + sun and ran loops around the island. Talk about being flexible!

find surprising opportunities to exercise while traveling

4. Be compassionate! To me, fitness is all about community + connection. I love bringing people together. See if there’s a way you can weave community service + giving back into your trips. One time, when I led my Heart, Soul + Barre retreat in Bali, Indonesia, I had the beautiful opportunity to teach 60+ women in the local village. No one spoke English so I had to rely on demonstrating the exercises. For many, this was the first time they had ever dedicated time to exercise. Heart bursting!

fitness instructor at the beach in grand cayman

5. Be adventurous! Two great ways to get around is by biking or hiking. You can get acclimated to your environment while getting exercise, win / win! One time, I was in Cayman Brac + we had the chance to go hiking along the bluff + explore caves. Happy thighs!

I hope you’re able to incorporate a bit of movement + love in your next wander!

Lauren Chiarello is the founder of Chi Chi Life which melds her passions: fitness, event production, fundraising + cancer advocacy.  She is a 2x cancer thriver, fitness instructor, marathoner + event producer who pours her heart and soul into each project she touches. @ChiChiLifeNYC.

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