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Free Webinar: How to Use Trains & Buses in Italy

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

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Before I teach you how to use buses and trains in Italy, let me give you some background info so you can understand just what a feat this was for me.

Picture an innocent country girl, who grew up in the mountains of North Georgia, and never saw so much as a city bus until she was in college. That girl is me.

When I was a kid, cars or tractors were the only methods of transportation, except maybe the big yellow school bus that picked me up at 5:50AM or horses, if you had any.

So when I found myself in Europe for the first time, I had NO idea how to use trains and buses without ending up in the middle of nowhere.

girl at train tracks platform italy

Now that I’m a travel designer, I consider all these moments of panic as vital on-the-job training. I’m proud to report I’m now a pro at using multiple modes of public transportation to reach far-off destinations where few are willing to venture.

And because I want to help you get further from the beaten path to have more meaningful travel experiences too, I’m ready to share this knowledge with you in my free webinar and accompanying guide!

Click here to check out the free webinar on our Facebook page!

Click here to download the guide on How to Use Trains & Buses in Italy.

Happy travels!

PS: Get my ULTIMATE Guide for the Solo Woman in Italy here:

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