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What to Do in Southern Italy: Top 5 Experiences You CAN’T Miss

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

There are so many unique activities and experiences to be had in southern Italy! If you’re stuck on Tuscany, I don’t blame you… but I have to tell you, southern Italy is a treasure trove of authentic and beautiful experiences, places, and people that you would be sorely missing out on!

I recently lead a free live workshop about the Top 5 Experiences You CAN’T Miss in southern Italy. I’ve spent most of my time in the region of Apulia (or Puglia in Italian), so that’s where I’ve focused my recommendations on what to see and do. For some travel inspiration or to help plan a meaningful trip in southern Italy, give it a watch or read below! (Don’t miss the Bonus Guide at the end!)

What to Do In Southern Italy: Top 5 Experiences You CAN’T Miss!

1. Visit Sea Caves

The number one thing to do in southern Italy is visit sea caves. While exploring the coastline of Puglia, it's easy to be amazed by its wild and natural beaches with clear water and white sand. But you might not know that Puglia also offers many sea caves. Some are really deep, allowing you to walk back into them and explore inside. Others can just be entered by boat. There are even a few particularly amazing sea caves that hide really cool swimming holes! (Get my free Bonus Guide to learn about a few of my favorites!)

2. Attend Pizzica Concerts

When it comes to what to do in southern Italy at night, you absolutely can't miss attending a Pizzica concert! Pizzica is a traditional folk dance and type of music from southern Italy. The experience of participating in a local Pizzica performance is actually a great way to immerse yourself into the Italian culture and become a local in southern Italy. These incredible, cultural events bring together all ages and definitely give you a chance to connect with locals on a deeper level. Check out the free Bonus Guide to discover my favorite Pizzica music groups!

3. Explore Ancient Ruins

The third thing to do in southern Italy is explore ancient ruins. Southern Italy offers so many historical sites that you won't forget. Some of them are well-known and easy to reach from the main cities, while others can be found in isolated locations surrounded by nature, and perhaps a free-range cow or two grazing through (ha!). Puglia will often give you a good opportunity to turn your local experience into something intimate and more significant, allowing you to reach these areas on your own while exploring the countryside of southern Italy. (I share my #1 favorite hidden ruins in southern Italy in the Bonus Guide!).

4. Eat with locals