All travelers are required to provide proof of current travel insurance 60 days before the trip begins. Your travel insurance must cover personal injury, death, medical expenses, emergency medical treatment, repatriation, and evacuation expenses at a minimum coverage of $100,000 USD. Trip cancellation insurance is also recommended as it may be required for reimbursement for flights and other non-refundable expenses. You are responsible for understanding the details of your travel insurance policy, ensuring that your policy covers all optional and included activities listed in the trip itinerary, and ensuring that there are no exclusion clauses (e.g., air delays due to mechanical issues) that would limit the coverage that you might reasonably need. 

Please be aware some policies and types of coverage require you to purchase insurance within a certain number of days of your first payment towards any part of your trip.

Please read our blog post to gain an understanding of the types of travel insurance and best practices! 

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You can use any company but it is mandatory for all of our trips. 


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