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7 Creative Coffee Drinks to Try in Puglia

Updated: Jan 23, 2022

Ever heard of an espressino? Didn’t think so. Puglia has a coffee culture all its own and it’s worth learning about- then experiencing yourself.

It’s no secret that coffee and Italy go together- like really, really well. From a foamy cappuccino in the morning to a double shot of espresso (caffe doppio) in the afternoon, caffeine seems to be pulsing through the veins of this expressive and lively society.

What you might not realize is that caffeine flows in a variety of more creative forms outside of the typical espresso that usually comes to mind. Although you won’t find the fancy “frappuccinos” and “caramel iced soy lattes” of Starbucks (which, yes, has recently opened in Italy), you will be surprised by the variety of specialties to discover!