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How to Connect with Locals While Traveling

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

You’re at a caffè in Italy ordering a steaming cappuccino. The barista has so much personality and you just wish you knew how to ask what his name is!

You’re sitting in a piazza quietly watching the people come and go. An older gentleman with so much character in his face sits next to you on the bench. You can tell he is full of stories and knowledge but you’re just too shy to pipe up and start a conversation…

I know how it feels! I get butterflies each time I say something to someone new. But with the experience of pushing past the nerves, I’ve learned the result is worth the effort every single time.

After years of practice and many beautiful friendships to show for it, I’ve learned how to get into the veins of a place and create meaningful connections with its people. If sharing what I’ve learned can help others have more meaningful travel experiences, too, then I am more than happy to push past the fear of being on video in order to share it! (Though I’m getting better with these Facebook Lives!)

Watch this live workshop or click here to have the video and guide delivered to your inbox!

Creative Edge Travel offers small group and custom trips to the lesser-known areas of Italy. Visit our Upcoming Trips page to see where we’re headed next!

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