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Introducing: Italy Immersions!

If you’re planning your own trip to Italy, this is for you!

With our new Immersions, you can add a set of 3 authentic and unique experiences to your own itinerary in one fell swoop!

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If you want to plan your own trip to Italy, that’s great! But when you’ve checked off the popular sites and want to get into the more local side of things, it can be a challenge to access the authentic culture and connect with local people.

The search for authentic local experiences while traveling in Italy can be frustrating due to the overwhelming amount of information available and language barriers. Many travel guides and recommendations cater to tourists, making it challenging to find genuine experiences.

It can often feel like the local life you seek is juuuuuust out of reach, but you don’t know how to find it.

Make your travel planning easier with our new Immersions– add 3 authentic experiences to your own itinerary for unforgettable memories immersed in the Italian culture with your new local friends & artisans.

Book An Immersion for Your Next Trip to Italy

What is it?

An Immersion is a curated set of 3 unique experiences to add to your own, self-planned itinerary in Italy. Each experience is booked for you on the dates of your choice.

For Example?

Take a look at our Local Venice Immersion, which includes each of these Private experiences just for you and your travel companions:

Starting from $840* per person (based on 2 travelers). More people in your party? Groups of 4 - 6 get a 15% discount and groups of 7 - 10 get a 20% discount!

*Approximate pricing based on 2 people. Our immersions are organized just for you! Book with a $200 deposit and we'll check current pricing and availability!

Why is it special?

It used to be one or the other– you plan your own trip from A-Z (time consuming and complete guesswork pieced together from travel threads) OR you hire a travel planner to do it ALL for you (a major investment). But without access to a local expert, those planning their own itinerary miss out on those really special experiences immersed in the Italian culture with locals.

Our Immersion packages allow travelers to maintain control over their own itinerary and budget AND also get access to those little-known and super memorable, culturally-immersive experiences without hiring an expert to plan a custom itinerary.

Skip the bells and whistles

Seasoned self-planners don’t wince at the thought of figuring out logistics on their own, choosing a hotel, or deciding where to eat. They don’t need the bells and whistles, they just want help finding those culturally-immersive experiences. They can take care of everything else on their own. We’re able to keep our Immersions affordable by limiting the additional services and skipping the bells and whistles to focus on what it is you actually want– memory-making experiences in touch with the authentic local culture!


-Save time & money

-Get easy, insider access to the local culture

-Solve the language barrier issue

-Skip the black hole of internet research

-Feel confident you’ve booked something truly authentic and unique

-Support locals and engage in sustainable travel

-Plan your own trip but get access to high-quality, unique experiences without hiring a travel expert

Have questions or want to learn more about our Immersions in Italy? Visit our Immersions FAQ page or get in touch at!

What’s the difference between an Immersion and custom trip planning?

Custom trips are a high-touch, personalized service with unlimited access to an Italy expert throughout the process to answer all questions, listen to your needs and suggest the destination(s) that best support your vision, help with logistics, customize all experiences to your preferences and tailor the itinerary to your specific desires. It’s an hour-by-hour itinerary built from scratch to match your group’s needs and includes revisions until you feel it is absolutely perfect.

On the other hand, an Immersion is a standard set of 3 experiences. Immersions are not customized for you and do not include any additional advice, arrangements, or insider knowledge.

In summary, an Immersion is 3 puzzle pieces while a custom trip is the entire puzzle that was custom-designed for you.

I’m not sure if I should book an Immersion or custom trip planning. Can you help me decide?

Sure! Email to book a free 15-minute chat. On the call, you can share what you’re looking for and we’ll help you understand the different ways we can work together and which service would be the best fit for you.

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