Locals in Italy: Meet Fabio, the Authentic Tuscan

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

One of my favorite favorite favorite things to do is meet Italian people. I am always amazed by their genuine warmth and passion for helping me learn about their culture. Often times I end up learning about a quirky tradition I didn’t know about or a hidden village I’d never heard of. Sometimes I end up at their dinner table, pouring through old family albums after a meal. But every single time, no matter what, I walk away with a new friend.

And just as mi casa es tu casa (or la mia casa è la tua casa in italian), my friends are your friends, too. Today’s introduction is special as we are not only friends but business partners. Fabio is the one you’ll most likely find behind the wheel when you come with us to Tuscany! He’s also the one that will have us making pit stops along our journey to admire some of his favorite hidden spots where he grew up, from medieval villages to natural hot springs! Keep reading to learn more about Fabio…

local people in Tuscany

1.  Where are you from and how many generations of your family has lived there? I am from Certaldo, a peaceful and charming village halfway between Florence and Siena. As far as we know, my family has always lived in Tuscany.

2. What is your favorite thing about being Italian? The natural sense of beauty that we unconsciously develop by living and growing up in a culturally rich and architecturally unique environment.

3. How and why did you become a nature guide? I became a licensed hiking guide after attending a professional course of 600-hours. Besides studying several natural science subjects, such as geography, geology, zoology, and botany, I also deepened my relationship between the local environment and human activities. The landscape is nothing else than the final result of centuries of different human actions.

village in tuscany san miniato

Certaldo, Fabio’s hometown.

4. Favorite thing about being a guide? Meeting people with different cultural backgrounds and expanding my horizons almost every day.

5. What is your favorite region of Italy? Obviously Tuscany! However, if I had to choose another Italian region, I would definitely go to Sardinia. The “queen” of Italy’s islands.