10 Easy Ways to Save for Travel

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How Can This Workshop Help Me?

Have you always wanted to travel abroad but it feels out of reach? Do you struggle to save money for travel when you have so many other expenses?

Our mission at Creative Edge Travel is to help you experience Italy's far-flung places, fading traditions, and phenomenal nature through genuine connection with locals

We know that planning a unique and authentic trip to a foreign country can be daunting, to say the least. Not to mention saving up for it in the first place! You're probably worried you'll never be able to afford that trip you've always dreamt of. Maybe you started saving only to have to put it towards a surprise car maintenance bill. Chances are, you feel exhausted trying to squeeze a few extra dollars out of your budget and it's just easier not to do it at all!

Close your wallet. Pour yourself a glass of [reasonably priced] wine. Creative Edge Travel and The Fiscal Femme have spent years finding creative ways to make their wanderlust a reality. It's not about what you can't have, it's about learning how to get the most joy per dollar! More than just "ways to save" we're sharing how to change your mindset around money and make saving a fun game and positive experience. We're bursting with simple but effective ideas and we want to share it all with you!

Why? Because we think getting travelers off-the-beaten-path helps the world become a place that respects and protects the wisdom held within the roots of its cultures. It lessens the strain on overtouristed destinations and spreads the economic opportunity to smaller communities. It helps keep fading traditions and villages alive! And if we can help with that by helping you save the money to get there, well we're all in! Are you?

About Your Hosts

Ashley Feinstein Gerstley

Sierra Busch

Hi, I'm Ashley, money coach, founder of the Fiscal Femme and creator of the 30 Day Money Cleanse where I demystify the world of money and advocate for women and their financial well-being. My passion is helping you better allocate funds to match your own values and goals!


Ciao, I'm Sierra! As Italy Expert and founder of Creative Edge Travel, I've taken countless trips abroad since 2010 but always on a budget! From living with locals to taking advantage of delicious street food, I've learned a lot of tricks to stretch your budget and build meaningful travel memories!



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