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The Vegetarian & Vegan
Food Guide to Italy

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Our guide features both Italian classics and lesser-known, traditional foods of each region of Italy!


Handmade pasta in Italy

You won’t ever have to forego any of the incredible food Italy has to offer again–we've got your back!



Gain a deeper knowledge of Italy’s culinary history and how it shaped culture through the centuries! 

Why Do I Need This Guide?

Want to experience the amazing food culture of Italy, but you’re worried that as a vegetarian or vegan, you’ll miss out? We’ve done the research into Italy’s vegan and vegetarian foods and now we’re sharing it all with you to help you plan your next Italian adventure!

While Italy is famous for its prosciutto, parmigiano-reggiano, pizza, carbonara, gelato, and more, it is also home to some of the most delicious vegetarian and vegan dishes! 

Traveling abroad as a vegan or vegetarian can be daunting: how will you know what to order, in another language no less, and will you be able to find authentic, local cuisine that you can enjoy on your trip? 

We’ve done so much research into the plant-based food scenes of each one of Italy’s 20 regions and broken it down for you, so wherever you go in Italy, you know exactly what to look for on a menu. This way, you can be assured you are tasting true, traditional Italian dishes, and you aren’t missing out on anything

Luckily, Italy’s food history includes a TON of vegetables like eggplant, beans, zucchini, tomatoes, and chickpeas, as well as rice, pastas, and bread (ahh, the bread!). It is SO easy to find delicious and satisfying veggie dishes once you know exactly what to look for and learn a bit about Italy’s lesser-known culinary scene! 

We’re here to teach you all about that in this FREE guide that is not only packed with local vegan and vegetarian dishes from every single region of Italy, but we’ve also included a restaurant guide for those few, extra tricky regions where meat and cheese still reign supreme, and a list of essential and super helpful vocabulary for dining in Italy!


Sierra Busch, Italy Expert and Founder of Creative Edge Travel


Sierra Busch 

If there’s one thing Italy has taught me, it’s that life can be so damn good when you let yourself truly live it. From my first taste of la dolce vita in 2011, I've never stopped exploring its many regions. From the tall mountains in the north to the sunny heel of the boot in the south, I've scoured maps for Italy's hidden secrets, connecting with locals and soaking up the authentic everyday life along the way. This passion led to a career in travel in NYC, where I worked for top agencies and startups, planning luxury vacations for VIP clients. With more attention given to the size of the hotel's bathroom than what lies outside the door, I felt my values did not align and started to dream of a deeper kind of travel. Now my goal is to bring my guests meaningful travel experiences that will forever connect them to the genuine spirit of Italy that so many others miss. All while helping to keep fading traditions and villages alive! Not to mention - I'm vegetarian and on a good day, vegan! So I totally get your concerns and challenges.

Through the thoughtful curation of Sierra, we were immersed into the beautiful world of Italian culture and making new friends in a foreign country. We could never in a million years planned something like this on our own. Her wealth of connections to locals in Italy is truly remarkable. It seems as though everyone in Italy knows her and loves her! Sierra is a joy to work with and made the whole experience seamless. She is a true professional. Creative Edge is the hidden treasure to plan an Italian trip full of hidden treasures. We can't wait for Sierra to plan our next trip!

-Erin Halper, Custom Trip in Sicily + Puglia


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Learn about the local, plant-based dishes of each region
Get delicious ideas for what to eat on your next Italian adventure
Make planning your trip SO much easier and stop worrying!
BONUS: Essential vocabulary and phrase guide for
ordering food and asking questions when dining in Italy


A Free Region-By-Region Guide



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