8 Benefits of Sustainable & Off the Beaten Path Travel

dirt road in a grassy field with green rolling hills in off the beaten path Italy

Are you confused by what "sustainable travel" actually means and how to do it? You're not alone! It has become such a buzz word that many people just wave it off without a thought.

With more people traveling than ever before, it's important to pause and reflect on your current travel habits and learn how you can adjust them to travel more sustainably in the future. It really only takes a few minutes, so let's dive in!

Our article on 10 Tips to Make Sustainable Travel Easier Than You Thought lays out the easiest ways to make your travels more sustainable. But we also want to dispel any hesitancy you may feel about diving into sustainable travel by showing you some of the benefits that both you, the locals, and the environment will experience as a result.

an expansive view of the Tuscan landscape framed by trees and bushes

8 Benefits of Sustainable & Off the Beaten Path Travel

With sustainable and off the beaten path travel...

1. ...you heighten the feeling of stumbling upon your own amazing, unexpected discoveries. No more following in the footsteps of millions of tourists before you, this is truly your experience.


2. ...you get to experience the incredible nature. Pro Tip: Leave it better than you found it by keeping a trash bag with you for picking up trash you find along your way.

Italian couple wearing aprons and standing in their artisan leather workshop
This couple opened a leather shop in Ortigia, Sicily

3. ...you get to spread the economic impact of tourism and support the local community. Many shops, hotels, and restaurants in popular destinations are owned by foreign entities, so the locals deal with the negative aspects of tourism but don’t enjoy any of the financial benefits. Your tourism dollars are more likely to stay in the community when you visit lesser-known places.