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8 Unforgettable Reasons To Visit Puglia Next Year

Updated: Jan 23, 2022

by Frances Reid

I’m willing to bet that any mention of Italy immediately conjures images of Tuscany’s rolling green hills, dotted with wineries. Am I right? 

If you stop there though, you’re missing out on one of southern Italy’s best-kept secrets:


Yes, it takes a bit more effort to get there (Puglia is tucked into Italy’s boot heel), but where’s the fun in taking the path others have traveled? No. You, my friend, need an authentic encounter with another of Italy’s daughters. She’s quiet, but her charms are never-ending. I promise you won’t be sorry.  

Here are 8 reasons you should start packing your bags, and head to Puglia.

Polignano a Mare

This ancient city, sitting dramatically on top of rugged cliffs, is not just beautiful but filled with reminders of its Roman past. You can take in views of the city from the Ponte Lama Monachile, a remnant of a former Roman road, or take a dip in the cove at the base of the cliffs while watching locals dive into the Adriatic.

White Buildings on a cliff overlooking turquoise waters, sun bathers on a beach and a person on a yellow paddle board.

Image by: David Yaugo


Trullo, Trullo, Trulli (plural of Trullo, FYI) is just fun to say! You’ll feel a little like you’ve landed in a magical fairy village, but these conical structures played an important role in rural life in Italy, operating either as storehouses or housing farm laborers. Today, these UNESCO World Heritage structures are homes and residences.

White conical houses surrounded by deep green trees and grass on an overcast day.

You can stay in one overnight, but if you have less time, locals are glad to welcome you into the Trullo lifestyle with workshops, including cooking classes. Learn more about Trulli in this post about the unique history of Puglia.

Smiling white haired Italian woman mid instruction, in a rustic kitchen.


Puglia is located in an agriculturally-rich part of Italy. From olive oil (they were the first olive oil producers in Italy), to wine, and durum wheat (for delicious pasta). With the sea as its backyard, expect some of the best seafood you’ve EVER had, which you can enjoy in any number of beautiful and authentic restaurants.

Male and female diners eating and talking in a white stone and brick restaurant.

I’m just going to leave this here…