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Guide for the Solo

Woman in Italy

Eat Authentic, Shop Local, Travel Off the Beaten Path

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Get The Ultimate Guide for the Solo Woman in Italy, PLUS the Bonus Pack and 4 Bonus Guides now!


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Expert tips to ensure the most authentic and meaningful solo journey possible

(without speaking italian)

Taboo topics no one talks about– getting romantic, women's health on the road, and tips from LGBTQ, POC, & Disability communities.. Yas queen, I'm going there!


The most memorable and unique activities with locals YOU CAN'T MISS.

Where to go and what to do to effortlessly make connections with locals!

My favorite hack to save money while traveling (without missing out).

The best tool to find the most authentic restaurants (you won’t find these in top 10 lists)!

The ONE flight-booking tip that saved me $300 and HOURS of research. ​

My favorite travel hacks for saving money on accommodations– or getting them FREE! (Yes, I’ve done it!)

The hidden corners of Italy that haven't changed for tourism and NEED to be on your list.

How to eat out in Italy for less than $10!​

Everything you need to know to order and eat like a local, including the specific dishes to try in each region.

...and that's just the start!

Bonus Pack

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Accommodation Safety Checklist
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Safety Checklist

Dating Safety Checklist

Accommodation Safety Checklist

Packing Checklist

Trip Planning Step-by-Step


4 Bonus Guides Included FREE!


10 Easy Ways to Save for Travel

I join forces with amazing money coach extraordinaire, Ashley Feinstein Gerstely, to bring you easy strategies to squirrel away those pennies and align your spending actions with your travel goals! This will be just the boost you need to jumpstart your saving habits.






How to Use Trains + Buses in Italy

I break down the step-by-step process of navigating bus and train stations to buy your ticket, find your platform, get off at the right stop, and what to do if you get off at the wrong stop. You'll feel like I’m right there cheering you on. With this in your back pocket, you can go anywhere!

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How to Connect With Locals Anywhere You Go

I share the detailed methods I use for approaching locals and turning strangers into new friends. Don’t even think about skipping this–these are the secrets that turn basic Italy trips into unexpected, spontaneous adventures with loving and quirky characters who invite you into their culture!




Regional Dishes to Try in Italy

Never get tricked into a bad, touristy meal! With this Guide, you'll know what to order in each region for an authentic meal you won't forget!



...and access to my Facebook Group where I'll be actively engaging, answering questions and helping people plan their trips!

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Connect with other immersion-seekers and get inspired by the hidden Italian experiences shared in the group!

Bonus Pack
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What Others Are Saying

"I'm blown away!"

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"I just finished The ULTIMATE Guide for the Solo Woman in Italy and I am blown away!
The information is so concrete and so helpful. I now have the exact steps that I need to plan.

I cannot tell you how excited I am that I found this guide! There are tips and tricks in here I NEVER would have known if I hadn’t read this book.
If you are interested at all in solo travel in Italy, you 110% have to get this book! You will be so thankful that you did!"

-Stephanie Chastain, Pennsylvania

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"This is THE only guide you’ll ever need for a solo trip to Italy!"
-Alisha Dosani, Georgia


"The information, experiences and knowledge provided are worth a lot more than the cost of the ebook and will save you time in your research as well–it's like having a personal guide in your pocket."

-Melanie Ebersole, Alaska